Caring Gynae
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    • 18 Nov, 2021

    Caring Gynae
    A thoughtful reminder of the work we do

    Customers (or patients in this case) are primarily dependent on the quality of care provided and the daily interaction between the staff and the patients. In that sense, every employee of a Caring Gynae, irrespective of whether they directly interact with patients, is potentially a customer service representative - one whose job is to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

    Dr Vijay, the Best Gynae in Klang is doing an amazing job. From the first point of contact with the front office staff to the administrative staff, the waiting room experience, the actual visits with the doctors and nurses, and the follow-up experience, everything plays a vital role in making the patient feel comfortable and at ease.

    What makes Dr Vijay's healthcare services exceptional are is that Caring Gynae exhibited:

    • Care and empathy
    • Efficiency and professionalism
    • Accurate and timely information
    • And a complete sense of trust and privacy.